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Welcome to Tel Aviv! Welcome to Israel!

Israel – the land of contrasts: while Tel Aviv, the pulsating economic and cultural metropolis, impresses with its futuristic buildings and urban flair, Jerusalem shines with its fascinating history and its world-famous, millennia-old buildings. In Israel’s heartland, too, many historically significant sites are waiting to be explored.
For bathing fun, there are many beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, where you can float weightlessly. Since Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are less than an hour’s drive apart, history, hip city life and pure beach feeling can be perfectly combined. More:

Israel’s Mediterranean coast stretches over 196 km and is incredibly diverse. The palette ranges from steep limestone cliffs to jagged rocks to expansive sandy beaches. In the bathing paradise of Eilat on the Red Sea, various water sports schools offer activities such as kiting or surfing. Diving guests in particular like to come to the region to admire the iridescent corals and fish beneath the sea surface.

Walking in Jesus Christ’s footsteps and visiting the most significant sites of his life is a must for all pilgrims. Dozens of pilgrimage sites are scattered throughout Israel, about half of which are near Jerusalem and another third are in the Galilee, especially in Nazareth and around the Sea of Galilee. Another area popular with pilgrims is the Dead Sea, where a visit to Masada and the caves of Qumran is not to be missed.

Israel is also an Eldorado for nature lovers. The Israel National Trail allows every hiker to experience Israeli nature in all its glory. As a long-distance hiking trail, it leads through the entire country – from Kibbutz Dan in the far north to Eilat in the south. The Dead Sea, with a salt content of 32%, is also well worth a visit. Its water is crystal clear and even in October has a temperature of 30 degrees.

The coastal town of Tel Aviv is an exciting mix between trendsetter paradise, creative centre, seaside resort and lifestyle metropolis. But not only Tel Aviv is exciting – there is always something to do in Israel. From the verdant north to the sandy south, you’ll find interesting people, raucous parties, beautiful nature and fabulous beaches. The perfect place for adventurers, night owls, culture vultures and sun worshippers.

Israel is a paradise for epicures and gourmets. The perfect blend of Middle Eastern cuisine and countless typical flavours from around the world – plus the growing trend towards haute cuisine, with a dash of fusion – and you’re ready for an unforgettable epicurean journey through the land where milk and honey flow.