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Your Baggage

Fees according to type of baggage

Type of baggage
Note / registration until 72 before departure Fees per route Registration
Hand baggage / *Infants only 5 kg incl. Max. 8 kg, (max. 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) No No
Free baggage Max. 23 kg Economy / 2 pieces up to 23 kg each No No
Excess baggage Over free baggage allowance 15,00 € / kg No
Medical excess baggage Up to max. 10 kg. only personal need, with medical certificate No Yes
Wheelchair For own use, foldable and packed in cover or similar (max.135kg) No Yes
Rolling walker No No
Extension belts for infants max. 10 pieces No No
Stroller / baby carriage One stroller or buggy per traveling infant packed in cover or similar, canopy and parasol, packed separately No No
Parasol Folded and bound No No
Golf equipment Packed, max. 30 kg 180,00 € Yes
Bicycle max. 10 pieces Packed in carton or case 120,00 € Yes
Diving baggage Without compressed air bottles, diving lights are subject to dangerous goods regulations and belong in the hand luggage 80,00 € Yes
Sailboard Packed 80,00 € Yes
Surfboard Packed in cover or similar, pull out fin 80,00 € Yes
Hang glider Packed, max. length 3,50 m 80,00 € Yes
Paraglider Packed in bag 80,00 € Yes
Faltboot Disassembled and packed, canoes and other boats are not transported 80,00 € Yes
Fun- and Bodyboard Packed, max. 3 kg 80,00 € Yes
Kickboard Packed, max. 3 kg 80,00 € Yes
Carriage of the pet in the cabin with max. 8 kg incl. own transport box Dogs, cats, turtles in a suitable container (55x40x20 cm), leak-proof and sufficient air supply. 100,00 € Yes
Weapons Weapons can be transported only with full documentation in the cargo hold, disassembled and restricted. 100,00 € Yes


Sports and special baggage / special baggage

We define sports or special baggage as bulky baggage that cannot be handed in via the regular check-in baggage carousel due to its size and weight.

Register your special baggage easily and conveniently online after booking your flight or subsequently via My Bookings


Carriage of pets

Pet transportation in the cabin

We are not able to transport larger animals, as the cargo hold cannot be heated. You can find more information about animal transportation here.

Further information

Blunt-nosed dog and cat breeds are particularly sensitive to temperature and stress. This can lead to serious health problems or, in the worst case, even death. Therefore, they are generally excluded from transport on our flights.
The cat breeds excluded from transport include, for example: Persian, Burmese, Himalayan, Exotic Shorthair cats. This also applies to mixed breeds